Attention Parents

Think All Local Guitar Lessons For Kids Are The Same?

They're NOT...

And You NEED To Know What To Look For...


Has your child shown an interest in playing the guitar?

Maybe they've received a guitar as a gift recently and they have been playing around with it and making some crazy noises...

Or maybe they've been playing guitar based video games (like Rocksmith or Guitar Hero) and are now interested in playing for real..

Whatever the situation know that they are interested in playing the guitar and you realize that maybe some guitar lessons would probably help them out a lot.

You most likely also realize that music education is a very important part of your child's development that has numerous benefits, so naturally, you want the best for your child.


But there's probably a ton of questions going through your head...such as....


"Is he/she going to stick with this? I'd hate to spend money on guitar lessons only for him/her to quit after 2 months..."


"Do they have the right guitar? How do I know if what they have is good or what do I need to look for when picking out a guitar for my kid?"


"Man...ANOTHER activity for the kids! We already have all these other sports, clubs, and can we fit guitar lessons in as well? Not to mention my work schedule is crazy! Will I have the time to take him/her to lessons?"


Listen, you are not alone in thinking those things and feeling that way. I've had numerous other parents of students that felt the same way and asked themselves those same questions. Here's what I've found....guitar lessons for your kids doesn't have to be a burden. Guitar lessons should be fun for your kid and easy for you!


Hi! I'm Jon Chorba

and I've been teaching kids how to play the guitar since 2008.



When I first started teaching guitar to kids, I made a lot of mistakes. Hands down, the biggest mistake I made was teaching kids in a similar manner to how I would teach older beginner guitar students. I just didn't know any better and was copying what other guitar teachers did. The result was that my kid students would get very overhwhelmed and would quit after just a couple of lessons.


I then remembered what it was like when I was a kid. I started messing around with the guitar when I was 8 years old and I remember my uncle trying to teach me some things. I hated it because he made everything sound so boring and I didn't understand all of this theory stuff he was trying to show me. I just wanted to play songs I knew!


That's when I had an "a-ha" moment and started teaching my kid students a little bit differently. The results have been fantastic and I'm proud to see my young students stick around and become pretty good guitar players!




Guitar Is a Hard Instrument To Learn &

Most Kids Quit Guitar Lessons

In Less Than 3 Months...

Here's Why...



They are using a guitar that is too hard for them to play.


It is absolutely critical that a younger guitar student have a guitar that is comfortable for them to play, stays in tune, and sounds pleasing to the ear. If not, the student will get frustrated and not want to play it at all.


Kids under 12 years old just haven't grown enough to play the majority of guitars that are out on the market. When the guitar is too large for them to hold on to, how on earth are they ever supposed to play it?


Outside of the overall size of the guitar, you also want to make sure that the strings are reasonably close to the fretboard, so that the act of pressing down on the strings isn't too hard on their fingers. Having strings higher off of the fretboard will definitely make the guitar harder to play and increase frustration of the student.


Also, a lot of "kid" style guitars are very cheap and for good reason. They are nothing more than toys that break easily and do not stay in tune. If the guitar is constantly going out of tune, your child could be doing everything right but the result will still sound bad....which will be very demoralizing!


If you need help picking out the right guitar for your child, I wrote a report on what to look for when buying a guitar along with a list of the 10 best guitars for kids ages 7-12. You can get both for FREE at the bottom of the page.


Their guitar teachers overly critqiue the student's technique & they focus too much on music theory at the beginning.


There a ton of things that every student needs to know to become a good guitar player, music theory and adherence to proper technique being two big pieces.




They are extemely boring and uninteresting to 99% of all kid guitar students AND they are totally not necessary in the infant stages of the student's journey.


The goal of the guitar teacher with all kid students is to strike the perfect balance between giving the student the content that they NEED with the content that they WANT....all the while keeping the process fun and engaging. The second that the kid starts seeing the guitar as some sort of chore to be done, they will lose interest and quit


One of the things I like to do with my kid students is to create games around the somewhat boring exercises that really need to be done. By taking something somewhat dull and making a game out of it, the student looks at it in a totally different way and becomes engaged with the process. This sort of excitement leads to them WANTING to practice more and thus, getting better faster.


Their guitar teachers overwhelm them with the amount of stuff they give the kid to learn.


I once had a student who came to me from another local teacher, who shall remain nameless. He took lessons from him for 3 months and felt that he didn't learn anything even though he had a 3" binder almost filled with lesson materials! Essentially, the teacher gave the student something "new" to do every single week.


Unfortunately, I see a lot of new and amatuer guitar teachers do this. They don't really know how to teach guitar and they feel that they have to give the student something new to do each week. This leads to the student totally being overwhelmed with all of this stuff that they've got to catch up on...stuff that they haven't even come close to mastering...and they just quit.


This is especially delicate with youngsters because they tend to get overwhelmed easily.


The reality is that kid's don't need to learn a new technique, concept, or song every week. They need to learn how to practice, how to listen, and how to stay persistent. Those are the qualities that will keep them interested in guitar for a long time and will make it super easy for them to learn anything they want as they progress as players.



The student is not clear on what is expected of them.


Managing expectations is crucial for the success of all guitar players, especially kids. In this day and age, kids are used to getting what they want immediately. With technology advancing so rapidly, today's kids can get the answer to any question they have with a simple Google search. If they want to play a video game with a friend, they don't even have to leave their house...they can play online with all of their friends right from home!


While this culture of instant gratification is great for the advancement of society, it's a BIG reality check for those who want to learn to play the guitar.


No one just picks up a guitar for the first time and knows how to play it. Even for those who have a natural "knack" for the instrument, they have to put in YEARS worth of work in order to become proficient. There is NO INSTANT GRATIFICATION with this instrument.


So, when it comes to teaching kids the guitar, the teacher has to be very clear on the expectations of the student on both a long term and short term basis.


I give my students little mini goals to hit each week and I'm very upfront and often say, "'s ok if you don't have this completely mastered by next week. Just do your best and try to get this one little part memorized."


The student doesn't have opportunities to be creative.


Always remember the old saying..."All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.."


Kids love to be creative and the guitar is one of the most expessive instruments that exist! It should be a no brainer to get kids to show off their creativity with the instrument, but a lot of guitar teachers miss the mark.


A thing I love to do with my kid students is take some boring technique exercises and turn them into little songwriting sessions. The kids have a blast and come up with the craziest names for the little songs they write. My favorite was "Corn Dogs & Chocolate Milk" a masterpiece written by my 8 year old student, Corbyn.



The student has too many conflicts with other extra curricular activities.


I understand that most kids are enrolled in a whole bunch of other activities like baseball, basketball, soccer, karate, boy scouts, etc...


All are cool and important. But not as cool or as important as playing guitar...just kidding....but not really :)


In all seriousness, I think the amount of activities your child is enrolled in right now should totally factor in to whether you not you sign them up for guitar right now. If they just do one other thing besides guitar, then they can probably handle it but if they've got 19 other things going on, you may want to review the order of importance of each activities.


One of the things I advise the parents of my students on is to monitor the kid's  burnout level. I've had a few students in the past literally start falling asleep in the middle of their lessons because they were so tired from all of the other things they've got going on. So, just keep an eye on that.


Time is another factor. How do you fit it all in?!? Most guitar teachers just offer a "set day and time" for lessons for their students. While I do offer that, I also offer FLEXIBLE LESSON SCHEDULING, which gives parents much more flexibility in coordinating lessons on top of all of the other activities their kids are involved in.


Give Your Child The Everlasting Gift Of Music

With The Best Guitar Lessons In Arlington TX

Here's What Your Child Gets...


Face to face guitar lessons

in either a Private Lesson or Small Group Class setting.

Your child will learn the correct guitar techniques

in the right order so that they can progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Your child will learn to play songs that they recognize and love,

so that they can feel good about the process of learning the guitar and so that they can show off to their friends and family.

Your child will learn how to practice the guitar efficently and effectively,

so that they can get more results faster and instill a bit of disipline into their routine.

Your child will learn to be creative on the guitar

by writing their very own songs.

Your child will be given all the tools in the world to succeed and become a good guitar player, including:

-Video Lessons to reinforce concepts taught in lessons

-Digital copies of music & content, just in case they lose the papers.

-24/7 email support. If you child didn't understand something in the lesson, you can always email me questions and I usually respond within 24 hours.

-Custom practice they know EXACTLY what to practice


PLUS...they will also experience these ADDITIONAL benefits


Improved performance in the classroom.

Playing a musical instrument has been proven to increase analytical and critical thinking skills, which can lead to better concentration and higher grades.

Improved social skills.

There are plenty of opporunities for your child to play with other guitar players that are the same age. Playing music with others is a great way to sharpen communication skills.

The ability to express themselves.

Whether your child is shy and reserved or very outgoing, playing guitar will tap into their creative side and give them a chance to either come out of their shell or show off another side of their personality.

They can do this for the rest of their lives.

While playing sports is great, they're not going to do it for their entire lives....but...they will be able to play guitar well into their 80's! It's truly a LIFELONG gift.

More opportunities later in life than with sports.

As a kid progresses further with playing sports, the competition gets tougher and it gets harder and harder to join teams or leagues. With playing guitar, however, the longer you play, the less competition you face and the more opportunities there are for your child.


I Understand How Busy & Hectic

Being A Parent Can Be.


When your child takes guitar lessons with me...I make it easy & convienent for the parents...


Flexible lesson scheduling.

You can either have a "set" day and time each can pick and choose different days and times each week according to YOUR schedule.

Book lessons online.

With my online scheduling system, you can book all of your child's guitar lessons right from your phone!

Convienent location.

I'm located right off of I-20 and within 1 mile from the teaching studio, you'll find: Walmart, Kroger, Sprout's, a post office, LA Fitness, and many other amenities. Get some errands ran while the lesson is happening or right after it's over.

Sit in on lessons and get stuff done!

I have FREE Wi-Fi available in the studio so, bring your laptop or tablet in and get some work done or just surf the web until the lesson is over.


"Lessons with Jon are so much fun! I've learned so many of my favorite songs and my parents can't believe how much better I have gotten."

- Maggie



"Before I started taking lessons with Jon, I was frustrated at how little I knew and how much I needed to learn. I feel like now I know so much more than I expected to learn and I'm easily 100% better at guitar."

- Cody


Your Child

Playing One Of YOUR Favorite Songs

On The Guitar



How cool would that be?!?!


Get Started Now!



There's never been a better time to get your child started with playing the guitar...and I've got a great introductory offer that you will love...


For a limited time, you can get your child started playing the guitar with...







with no obligation to continue after that...


In these 5 Lessons, your child will....


Learn how to hold the guitar & pick correctly

Learn how to tune the guitar

Learn how to read guitar tablature

Learn how to practice correctly

Learn at least one song that they recognize from beginning to end (some students even learn more than one song)

Feel confident in their potential to be able to learn the guitar

Have a whole lot of FUN!


Frequently Asked Questions....


Q: "Do you teach acoustic or electric guitar lessons?"

A: I teach students on EITHER electric or acoustic guitars. Whatever is most comfortable for the student.


Q: "What type of music do you teach?"

A: I teach the following styles: Classic Rock, Modern rock, Alterntative rock, Acoustic Rock, Pop, R&B, Blues, Country, and Metal



Q: "What days and times do you teach?"

A: I teach full time and my hours are Monday-Thursday from 10am - 9pm and Saturdays from 10am - 3pm.


Q: "What does my child need to bring to lessons?"

A: Their guitar, pick, strap & footstool (if necessary), lesson materials (such as printed out music) and a GOOD ATTITUDE :)


Q: "What happens after the 5 weeks is up? How much do lessons cost after that?"

A: I have several different programs available for kids and with each program, I have many different billing options for you to choose from. So, in order to really tell you what it costs, I would need to know exactly what option or options you are choosing and that varies for everyone.


One of the main reasons why I like to start students off with a 5 weeks of private lessons is so that I could really see how they learn, how they respond, what their practice routine is like at home, and what their personality is like. After the 5 weeks is up, we will both have a really good idea as to which program (or programs) would be the best fit for the student and then we go from there. 






Take advantage of the FIVE LESSONS FOR $99 because it will not last forever. Once my schedule gets filled up, this offer will be gone...


To get started, simply fill out the form below so that I can show you what days and times I have available and get your child started with playing the guitar.


I'm also going to send you...


A FREE guide on what to look for in a guitar for kids under 12 AND a list of my top 10 recommendations

A FREE guide on what to look for when choosing a guitar teacher

A FREE report on how to ensure that your child gets the maximum benefit out of guitar lessons.


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