New To Playing The Guitar?

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Have you always wanted to be able to play the guitar, effortlessly and beautifully?

Do you have a serious passion for music? Is music a very important aspect of your life?

I'm willing to bet that since you are reading this you either just got a guitar recenty or you owned a guitar for years....maybe even fiddling around with it now and again...but you feel like you don't even know where to begin with playing it. Am I right?

I know exactly how you feel and I've had tons of other students that felt the same way. What I've found is that most beginner guitar players quit playing guitar in less than 6 months because they either don't have a plan of attack or they hire a guitar teacher who focuses on the WRONG things in the beginning....don't make that mistake!



Top 7 Reasons Why Beginner Guitar Players Quit


1) They try to teach themselves


Guitar is a hard instrument to learn. There are hundreds, if not thousands of things that you need to be aware of in order to become proficient and the margin for error is very small. Move your finger a micrometer in the wrong direction and you can make a note sound muted or sour. Learning guitar is frustrating enough but adding on the chore of having to think about what you need to learn, in the correct order that you need to learn it, and then holding yourself accountable and motivating yourself is extremely daunting. Not to mention....the amount of methods that are out there to teach yourself are incredibly overwhelming! How will you know were to start? How will you know if what you are learning and doing is even right to begin with?!?


Take it from me...I started out as a self-taught guitar player. I had absolutely NO CLUE what I was doing. I was just winging it. After 6 years of self-teaching, I jammed with a friend for the first time and I was floored by how much I didn't know and how much I was doing wrong. 6 years of hard work and I felt like I had accomplished NOTHING.



2) They hire the WRONG guitar teacher

While trying to teach yourself guitar is a bad idea, going to the wrong guitar teacher is just as bad. Every guitar player is different and every guitar teacher is different. Some specialize in one type of music over others. Some have been teaching for decades and some just started yesterday. 


You want to make sure that the guitar teacher you hire is right for you. I have a detailed guide that you can get for FREE at the bottom of this page that is an excellent guideline on what to look for when choosing a guitar teacher.



3) They focus on the wrong things at first.

As I said above, there a hundreds if not thousands of things that you need to learn to become a decent guitar player...but the order in which you receive those things is CRITICAL to whether or not you stick with it.


Focusing on the wrong things right out of the gate will lead you to become bored or frustrated.



4) They don't learn HOW to practice.

Knowing how to practice the guitar the right way is infinitely more valuable than any guitar lesson. Unfortunately, most teachers don't show their students HOW to practice to get more results. What happens next is that student's progress becomes slow and slow progress leads to frustration which leads to throwing in the towel.


If you know how to practice the guitar effectively and efficently, you will become better faster...and you will good about the progress you make.



5) They don't keep track of their progress.

There will always come a point in time when a guitar player gets frustrated. It just comes with the territory. But one thing that can help mitigate that frustration is to keep a log of your that you can see with your own eyes that even though you may be frustrated actually have gotten better.


I'm always surprised at how many guitar players don't do this!



6) They only focus on one area of their guitar playing at a time.

Guitar isn't a step by step process. could be...but the steps are not in a "logical" order. What I mean is don't want to focus on just ONE area of your guitar playing at a time, practicing that over and over again until it's mastered before moving on to the next thing. While that may be logical, it's inefficent when it comes to learning guitar.



7) They don't apply what they know into real life musical situations.

No one is ever going to ask you to play a C chord. No one wants to hear you play a scale. No one will ever pay you money to see you do a finger exercise! They want to hear you play music and songs they know and love!


I've always found that what helps students understand techniques and concepts best is to USE them immediately into REAL songs of the bands they know and love.



Hi! I'm Jon Chorba

and I've been teaching beginners how to play the guitar since 2008.



I love teaching beginner guitar players. A big reason why is because when I started playing the guitar, I taught myself and I made really slow progress and had all kinds of bad habits, so t's incredibly cool and rewarding for me to see my beginner students do things and achieve things 6 months into their playing that I couldn't do 2 years into my own playing!



Start Playing Guitar 

With The Best Guitar Lessons In Arlington TX

Here's What You Get...


Face to face guitar lessons

get hands-on training and step by step explanations

You will learn the correct guitar techniques

in the right order so that you can progress consistently & without overwhelm.

You will learn to play your favorite songs right away

so that you can feel good about the process of learning the guitar and so that you can show off to your friends and family.

You will learn how to practice the guitar efficently and effectively,

so that you can get more results faster.

You will be given all the tools in the world to succeed and become a good guitar player, including:

-Video Lessons to reinforce concepts taught in lessons

-Digital copies of music & content emailed to you.

-24/7 email support. If you didn't understand something in the lesson or if you have questions about anything, you can always email me and I usually respond within 24 hours.

-Custom practice you know EXACTLY what to practice


Flexible lesson scheduling.

You can either have a "set" day and time each can pick and choose different days and times each week according to YOUR schedule.

Book lessons online.

With my online scheduling system, you can book all of your guitar lessons right from your phone!

Convienent location.

I'm located right off of I-20 and within 1 mile from the teaching studio, you'll find: Walmart, Kroger, Sprout's, a post office, LA Fitness, and many other amenities.


"I always had a goal to learn a song and I thought that it would take forever to do so. After my first lesson with Jon, I already had half of my first song down! I'm so much better then I ever expected to be! Jon's an amazing teacher!"

- Allie


"I thought I would just learn a few chords and pick around some. I never imagined I would be doing the things I'm able to do and i didn't think I would have this much fun!"

- Brad



"Jon has an unbelievable ability to communicate. If you don't understand a lot about music, he's able to pick up on that and he makes you feel comfortable so that you reach your goals. My enthusiasm for the guitar has at least quadrupled! "

- Gregg



Get Started Now!



There's never been a better time to get started with playing the guitar...and I've got a great introductory offer that you will love...


For a limited time, you can get started playing the guitar with...







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In these 5 Lessons, you will....


Learn how to hold the guitar & pick correctly

Learn how to tune the guitar

Learn how to read guitar tablature

Learn how to practice correctly

Learn one of your favorite songs (some students even learn more than one song)

Feel confident in their potential to be able to learn the guitar

Have a whole lot of FUN!


Frequently Asked Questions....


Q: "Do you teach acoustic or electric guitar lessons?"

A: I teach students on EITHER electric or acoustic guitars. Whatever is most comfortable for the student.


Q: "What type of music do you teach?"

A: I teach the following styles: Classic Rock, Modern rock, Alterntative rock, Acoustic Rock, Pop, R&B, Blues, Country, and Metal



Q: "What days and times do you teach?"

A: I teach full time and my hours are Monday-Thursday from 10am - 9pm and Saturdays from 10am - 3pm.


Q: "What do you need to bring to lessons?"

A: A guitar, pick, strap & footstool (if necessary), lesson materials (such as printed out music) and a GOOD ATTITUDE :)


Q: "What happens after the 5 weeks is up? How much do lessons cost after that?"

A: I have several different programs available and with each program, I have many different billing options for you to choose from. So, in order to really tell you what it costs, I would need to know exactly what option or options you are choosing and that varies for everyone.


One of the main reasons why I like to start students off with a 5 weeks of private lessons is so that I could really see how they learn, how they respond, what their practice routine is like at home, and what their personality is like. After the 5 weeks is up, we will both have a really good idea as to which program (or programs) would be the best fit for the student and then we go from there. 






Take advantage of the FIVE LESSONS FOR $99 because it will not last forever. Once my schedule gets filled up, this offer will be gone...


To get started, simply fill out the form below so that I can show you what days and times I have available and get you started with playing the guitar.


I'm also going to send you...


A FREE guide on what to look for when choosing a guitar teacher

A FREE report on how to ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of guitar lessons.

A FREE video lesson on how to tune your guitar.

A FREE video lesson on how to read guitar tablature, which will get you started learning your favorite songs RIGHT NOW!


Let's get started!



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