Frustrated With Your Guitar Playing?

Stuck In A Rut?

Playing The Same Things Over & Over?


Your Guitar Playing Problems End Now.

Here's How...


When you go to play your guitar, do you find yourself playing the same old scales, patterns, licks, and riffs that you ALWAYS fall back on?


Have you been practicing for YEARS, but feel like you should be WAY better than you are right now?


Do you watch other (good) guitar players and think..."how the hell do they make this look so easy?"


Listen....I've been there and I've had tons of students who've been there too. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. It probably looks something like this:


You tried the teach yourself approach.




You tried the learn from a buddy who knew more than you did....




You tried going to a typical local guitar teacher.




You tried the internet subscription sites with thousands of videos.




Man....that's demoralizing, isn't it?!?!


Hi! I'm Jon Chorba

and I've been helping guitar players improve and reach their goals

since 2008.



I've been where you are at right now. I know exactly what it feels like to be just totally frustrated with the guitar. I used to spend so much time reading guitar books and looking at videos online, trying to figure out how to make sense of the fretboard and how to start playing like I always imagined.


What finally changed the game for me is when I found a really GOOD guitar teacher that laid out an actual plan for what I needed to work on, how to work on it, and how to apply concepts, techniques, and theory into REAL LIFE guitar playing.


...and that's how I now approcah teaching all of my students.


Top 7 Reasons Why Guitar Players Stay Frustrated


1) They are not 100% clear on their goals.

Do you know exactly what your end game looks like with playing the guitar? Can you close your eyes and see exactly the guitar player that you want to become? If not, don't worry. Most guitar players don't know either. They just want to be "good" or "better." But WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!


Having a crystal clear understanding of where you want to go is absolutely critical in actually getting there. When you went on your last vacation, did you pick the destination before or after you booked the plane ticket?


This is the first step that I take all of my students through. I want to find out exactly what kind of guitar player you want to become. It's the ONLY way I could even begin to start to try to teach you.


2) They do not have a STRATEGY in place to acheive their goals.

As important as it is to have clear goals, they are usless with the wrong strategy. First, you have to understand that you are unique and not all guitar players are the same. Therefore, a one-size-fits all method is not going to be effective for you because it doesn't get to the root of your goals and challenges.


I do not teach from an outdated method book. My students don't get the exact same lesson plans as each other. I tailor everybody's lesson strategy specifically to them.

3) They spend way too much time on NEW content.

This is a common problem that happens with about 80% of the guitar teachers out there. The "what do you want to learn this week" mentality. I've had students come to me from other teachers and they had binders filled to the max with all sorts of content...and they only studied with these guys for a few months.


Learning new things is important, of know what's more imporant? How about...


-Knowing exactly how to practice content so that is mastered in a shorter amount of time

-Being able to play any song, lick, or solo with 100% accuracy 9 times out of any given situation.

-Being able to actually USE all the scales, licks, and theory in REAL LIFE MUSICAL SITUATIONS!


The key to the above is simple. You have to train. Think of any professional athelete. How much time do they spend learning NEW things vs how much time they spend TRAINING on doing the things they already know? That's why I consider myself to be more than just a teacher...I'm also a trainer and a coach.

4) They don't know the difference between PLAYING guitar vs PRACTICING guitar.

Do you know what the difference is? It's pretty simple:


Practicing your guitar means - You schedule a time each day to work on the techniques and concepts that are outlined in your strategy that get you to your ultimate goals. You are free from distractions and you have a laser focused mindset on solving your current challenges and making progress.


Playing your guitar means - You just do whatever you feel like in that moment.


Being shown how to practice efficiently and effectively is probably the biggest thing that any guitar player can learn to see MASSIVE progress in their playing. I spend a lot of time with my students showing them how to practice correctly and the results speak for themselves.

5) They don't keep track of their progress.

There will always come a point in time when a guitar player gets frustrated. It just comes with the territory. But one thing that can help mitigate that frustration is to keep a log of your that you can see with your own eyes that even though you may be frustrated actually have gotten better.


I'm always surprised at how many guitar players don't do this! I keep a log of every lesson with every student and I also audio record my students progress.

6) They don't apply what they know into real life musical situations.

Scales are important. Chords are important. Music theory is important....but how many people are going to say to you...


" play guitar? COOL...I really love the A major scale...can you play it up and down for me over and over?!?!?"


NONE! lol :)


What you really want isn't to just know all the scales and chords in the world. You don't just want to play fast either. You want to be able to play the music that you hear in your head easily and beautifully. You want to be able to easily navigate the fretboard and just let the music pour out of you instead of relying on finger patterns.


The way I approach this with my students is like this...we focus a lot on Application, Integration, and Consistency. What do those terms mean? Well let's say I taught you a new scale sequence. After we trained a bit on memorizing it, this is where we would turn our attention to..


Application - playing the scale sequence over a variety of different backing tracks, using a variety of different that you don't just know a sequence, you know it's practical application given the context


Integration - combining the scale sequence with other techniques and concepts that you've learned. You want to be able to seamlessly and fluidly move in out of any given technique. This gives you freedom.


Consistency - playing the scale sequence in multiple different situaitons. Can you play it with your eyes closed? Can you play it while you switch your pickups? Can you play it while you hit your stomp box? These are all real life situations and when you get consistent with become a guitar playing BAD ASS!


7) They don't have a source of consistent support and motivation.

Not everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows forever and ever. You will get frustrated. It's just a part of playing the guitar.


What helps tremendously though, is having someone you can turn to and ask questions and get the help you need. Someone who has been there and understands. Someone who can say to you "Listen, I know you are frustrated right now but look it all this progress that you made...look it how far you have come. Don't stop now! You're almost there!"


My students are more to me than just "clients." I'm often asked what separates me from other guitar teachers and the answer is simple. I care more about my students than any other teacher ever will. My students are free to email me 24/7 with any problems or challenges they are having. Some even shoot a quick video with their phone of a specific playing challenge they are having and I usually get back to them with in a day or so. I said above that I'm more than just a teacher but also a coach...well, that's not entirely true...I'm a teacher, a coach, a mentor, and a friend you can rely on.


Become The Guitar Player

That You've Always Wanted To Be 

With The Best Guitar Lessons In Arlington TX

Here's What You Get...


Face to face guitar lessons

get hands-on training and step by step explanations

You will learn the correct guitar techniques

in the right order so that you can progress consistently & without overwhelm.

You will get answers to your guitar playing problems

stop wondering what your'e doing wrong and find out what it is and more importantly, how to fix it.

You will learn how to practice the guitar efficently and effectively,

so that you can get more results faster.

You will be given all the tools in the world to succeed and become a good guitar player, including:

-Video Lessons to reinforce concepts taught in lessons

-Digital copies of music & content emailed to you.

-24/7 email support. If you didn't understand something in the lesson or if you have questions about anything, you can always email me and I usually respond within 24 hours.

-Custom practice you know EXACTLY what to practice


Flexible lesson scheduling.

You can either have a "set" day and time each can pick and choose different days and times each week according to YOUR schedule.

Book lessons online.

With my online scheduling system, you can book all of your guitar lessons right from your phone!

Convienent location.

I'm located right off of I-20 and within 1 mile from the teaching studio, you'll find: Walmart, Kroger, Sprout's, a post office, LA Fitness, and many other amenities.



"Having the knowledge that I have now after taking lesson from Jon makes me feel like I'm 10x better than I was before I came to him. Not only did I get clarification on some of the techniques I already knew, I now know how to apply licks and scales in actual music! 

- Vince



"Before I started lessons with Jon, I was stuck in Rhythm Guitar Player Mode. I didn't know many scales and the one I did know, I didn't understand how to use them. Now, I feel I'm 100% better as a Lead Guitar Player! I still have a ways to go, but I'm improving every week!"

- Harry



Get Started Now!



There's never been a better time to start achieving your guitar playing goals...and I've got a great introductory offer that you will love...


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with no obligation to continue after that...


In these 5 Lessons, you will....


Have your guitar playing challenges analyzed and diagnosed, so that you know exactly what you are weak in and what you are strong in.

Start using the things you already know in new and exciting ways.

Begin to understand the secrets of the fretboard and be given a GPS system to navigate it like a pro.

Learn how to practice correctly

Feel confident in your potential to reach your guitar playing goals.

Have a whole lot of FUN!


Frequently Asked Questions....


Q: "Do you teach acoustic or electric guitar lessons?"

A: I teach students on EITHER electric or acoustic guitars. Whatever is most comfortable for the student.


Q: "What type of music do you teach?"

A: I teach the following styles: Classic Rock, Modern rock, Alterntative rock, Acoustic Rock, Pop, R&B, Blues, Country, and Metal. I do NOT teach Jazz, classical, or fingerstyle guitar.



Q: "What days and times do you teach?"

A: I teach full time and my hours are Monday-Thursday from 10am - 9pm and Saturdays from 10am - 3pm.


Q: "What do you need to bring to lessons?"

A: A guitar, pick, strap & footstool (if necessary), lesson materials (such as printed out music) and a GOOD ATTITUDE :)


Q: "What happens after the 5 weeks is up? How much do lessons cost after that?"

A: I have several different programs available and with each program, I have many different billing options for you to choose from. So, in order to really tell you what it costs, I would need to know exactly what option or options you are choosing and that varies for everyone.


One of the main reasons why I like to start students off with a 5 weeks of private lessons is so that I could really see how they learn, how they respond, what their practice routine is like at home, and what their personality is like. After the 5 weeks is up, we will both have a really good idea as to which program (or programs) would be the best fit for the student and then we go from there. 






Take advantage of the FIVE LESSONS FOR $99 because it will not last forever. Once my schedule gets filled up, this offer will be gone...


To get started, simply fill out the form below so that I can show you what days and times I have available and get you started with playing the guitar.


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